Matthew Slaats

PAUSE (People Art and Urban Space Exchange)


Matthew Slaats engages in hybrid roles, as artist, designer, teacher, organizer, and activist, focusing on a unique exploration of the complexities of the contemporary landscape. Presently he serves as an Assistant Faculty in the Communication Arts Department at Marymount Manhattan College, where he teaches courses on web design, programming, and mobile technology. Matthew is also the executive director of PAUSE (People Art and Urban Space Exchange), a non-profit organization that connects artists and local publics to rethink, resee and reclaim urban neighborhoods. Situated in the public realm, Matthew’s work initiates new ways of understanding the complexity of place as seen through the guise of culture, media, and technology. Matthew takes in between positions, facilitating dialogues that use culture as an agent for action. This results in urban interventions, performances, installations, and games that are made in collaboration with the public. His work has been exhibited internationally at the Bagabas Beach Internation Eco Arts Festival, Open Engagement, Conflux, Eyebeam, and LA Contemporary Exhibitions. Matthew holds a MFA and MA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Art and a BA in Archaeology from the University of Evansville.

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