Jerry Johnson

Troy University


Jerry Johnson is a professor of design at Troy University and has previously served as the Chair of the Department from 2000–2010. Over the past year, Johnson was Chair of Design & Media Management at Miami International University of Art & Design in Miami, Florida. During that tenure, he designed and launched a masters program in Design and Media Management. After returning to TROY in August of 2011, Johnson was charged with creating an online, graduate program in design management for TROY. Outside of his engagement with the Department of Art and Design, Johnson continues to provide consulting work for assorted clients in industry as well as speak at national and international conferences on topics related to design education, design management, and collaboration.

In 2004, Mr. Johnson was awarded a grant to develop an International Collaboration and Creativity Center (known as iC3) on the main campus of TROY. This Center is charged with incubating and nurturing a multiplicity of international and interdisciplinary collaborations with art and design serving as the core catalysts. To date, Johnson has actuated interdisciplinary and intercultural design initiatives in Sweden, Denmark, Macedonia, China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Also, Johnson serves on the Executive Board of the national arts organization FATE— Foundations in Art: Theory and Education as Vice President for Communications. He received his M.F.A. in Graphic Design from Louisiana Tech University.

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