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Posters, & Information Graphics

Call for Presentations & Projects

Deadline: January 16, 2012 - Closed

If you have been part of a project that attempted to bring two opposing sides together to accomplish a shared goal, please submit an abstract of 200 words or less as a presentation for this forum by December 15, 2011. Presentations should be 20 minutes.

Information: How do we correct the influential forces that deepen polarization? What projects exist to correct the media and ideology machines that aim to pull us apart? How do we expose the power forces at play in the creation of otherness? How do we modify binary oppositions into nuanced viewpoints that reflect popular opinion?

Communication: Projects working at the communication level. Opening a conversation, communicating effectively across lines, communicating respectfully. Graphic design has an obvious role in this area.

Organization: How can we organize and retain difference? How can service design and other design fields create experiences to this end? Do we need to think differently about group formation? How do we help opposing groups to collaborate?

Action: Projects. Building. Making. Doing. What does a successful community action look like?

Call for Posters

Deadline: January 16, 2012 - Closed

This is a call for posters that address social problems and civic needs without falling victim to oppositional rhetoric/imagery. We invite you to submit posters that:

  • Highlight points of agreement between groups
  • Bring opposing groups together around issues that are not at the heart of the culture war.
  • Overturn stereotypes and promote respect for the opposing group
  • Widen the view of one group to include the other
  • Attempt to open a conversation rather than win an argument

Suggested Size: 20 inches x 35 inches
Submitted as a 72dpi preview in JPG format.

This juried poster competition will be judged by the internationally renown poster designers Yossi Lemel from Israel, who will also be a keynote speaker at the conference, Chaz Mavianne-Davies from Zimbabwe and faculty at Mass College of Art, and by Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist and author of The Happiness Hypothesis.

Call for Information Graphics

Deadline: January 16, 2012 - Closed

Educate us. Map out an issue. This call is for information graphics that visualize a holistic context for issues that have divided us, such as entitlement programs, hydraulic fracturing, consumerism, etc. The picture should include important points from both sides. These will be evaluated for design and adherence to objectivity and respect for both sides.

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